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Welcome to Emission Resource Group, LLC.

Welcome to the Emission Resource Group’s Website. The Emission Resource Group’s mission is to provide viable solutions for pollution emitting Energy Plants. This is accomplished by reducing and/or eliminating the pollutants, while finding economical solutions that can compensate the costs for these enhancements. Our firm has three divisions that work on specific areas of plant pollutants which are listed below.

Emission Air Remediation. The primary technology we showcase is the Micromist Scrubber w/SO2 and Plume Abatement. There are many other types of dry and/or wet scrubbers on the market today, however none of them can perform and remove as many pollutants as ours. Please click on the tab on the top of this page to receive the information and results of our Micromist Scrubber w/SO2 & Plume Abatement.

Emission CO2 Technologies. The primary technologies we showcase are the CO2 to Methanol Process and the CO2 Recovery to produce Algae Process. The CO2 to Methanol Process has been duplicated and is operating in Iceland. Our process captures the CO2 from Energy Plants which provides the molecules needed to produce Methanol. In addition, our firm has developed a CO2 Recovery Process Manufactured by the Linde Corporation, which allows the CO2 to be collected and is directly injected into a closed bio reactor loop system. Both of these technologies are discussed in greater detail which can be seen when you click on the tab on the top of this page.

Emission Waste Remediation. The star of this division is the Municipal Waste to Energy Plant. This process burns a variety of fuel sources that generates electrical power. It deals with several major issues that most governments need to deal with. These are landfills becoming over full, the cost of building new landfills is expensive, the methane gas being emitted as well as other pollutants emitting pollutants. This gasifer/incineration process not only burns the trash, generates electricity (which is in desperate demand), and the ash is used to build CMU Blocks, Ecology Blocks, or Roadway Filler with the byproduct. This is an economical boost for the client which handles trash, power, and building products that not only create jobs but spurs the local economy. Additional processes in this division are cleaning up coal fired power plants ash ponds (both the ash and water). Go to this tab above and look at the Municipal Waste to Power Process, Ash Recovery and Clean Up, and Waste Water Technologies.